Must-have gadgets for university students this semester

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It’s August, which means there are only a few weeks to go until you start at or return to university for the new academic year in September. Now’s the time that you’ll be writing your lists, making essential purchases and packing your bags ready to go.

You’ll probably have clothes, toiletries, stationary and the like packed, but have you thought about what gadgets to take with you? No? Fear not, we’ve listed some must-have gadgets that are sure to come in use and make your time at university even more productive and hassle-free…

USB flash drive
It happens; computer programmes crash, laptops die and the essay you’ve been working on all week is lost forever. So, don’t learn the hard way, back up your work and avoid the heartache and tears of having to start over. USB sticks are a low cost and a quick and easy way to keep your important documents safe.

Whether it’s the basic plug and play in-ear headphones, or the all-singing, all-dancing wireless over-ear headphones, kit yourself out with a pair. It can be hard to get work done with background noise and distractions, so having headphones will help you to zone out of your surroundings and focus on your work.

Portable speaker
When it’s time to relax, and enjoy yourself, some background music is a great idea. From the park to a party, having a portable speaker will allow you to take your music with you wherever you go. Just remember to keep the volume to a sensible level – the last thing you want to do is annoy your neighbours!

While there will be printers available for you to use on university campuses (usually for a small charge), this isn’t always convenient. When assignment deadlines approach, it’s likely you won’t be the only one needing to print, or if you need to print late at night, university buildings will be closed. Therefore, you might want to consider a small, lightweight printer to keep in your room so you can print until your heart’s content, whenever you like.

A Kindle
As a student, you’ll be given a long reading list of books recommended for you to read whilst studying the course. But gone are the days when you need to carry big, heavy text books around with you all day (phew). With an Amazon Kindle, you can access hundreds of academic books all on one device, and some versions have extra features for students such as the ability to add notes and look up word definitions.

Portable keyboard
Taking notes in lectures is key, but if you’re not quick enough in getting them noted down, the lecturer has moved onto the next section before you’ve finished, leaving you with half completed notes that don’t make sense. So, if you’re taking notes electronically via a tablet or smartphone, a portable keyboard is definitely worth investing in. It’ll make it much easier and quicker to capture information, meaning when it comes to revision you’ll have organised and coherent notes that actually make sense.

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