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Christmas, by now is a distant memory. So too are the ‘care packages’ – you know the box of food and ESSENTIALS, that your Mum wouldn’t let you leave home without – everything either, eaten, drunk or in the case of any cleaning products, stashed under the sink only to be used moments before your parents arrive for their next visit.

Here at The Hub we know balancing a full study schedule, looking after yourself AND finding time to socialise is not easy. We want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time as a student so we’ve put together a list of our favourite so-simple-you-won’t-believe-you-didn’t-think-of-them-yourself life hacks for savvy students, like you. Tips to help you study smarter, eat better, live easier, clean quicker… generally WIN at being a student. You are welcome.

1 – Make better notes
Notes are an invaluable study tool. But, half an hour in and even YOU can’t read your own writing. So try this… imagine you’re writing notes for someone else to read. Hey presto, better notes = better studying.

2 –You deserve a treat
Studying can be a hard slog at the best of times so why not pop one of your favourite sweets in every couple of pages as a little reward? We aren’t suggesting you cram a Mars bar in between the pages of your text book as… well, you’ll never shut it. A couple of gummy bears are enough to give you a little sugar boost as you get some serious studying done.

3 – Never sleep through your alarm again
If you’ve pulled an all-nighter grabbing a power nap could be a dangerous idea. Before you know 30 minutes have turned into 3 hours and you’ve missed lectures, study groups… DISASTER. So, before you hit the pillow set the alarm on your phone, make sure that it’ll vibrate when it goes off and pop it into an EMPTY glass. The glass not only amplifies the sound of the alarm but the clattering against the glass is IMPOSSIBLE to sleep through. Try it!

4 – Too many clothes and not enough space?
As the saying goes tidy house, tidy mind. Tidy mind, better studying – OK we might have made that last bit up, but it makes sense right? So, if you’re struggling to squeeze your clothes in or just feel like you can’t find anything the KonMari method is exactly what you need. This Japanese method of folding your clothes will revolutionise your life. Say goodbye to jumbled drawers and hello to a beautifully organised, dare we say… better you. Watch founder Marie Kondo fold a perfect underwear drawer here.

5 – Mug cooking, it’s a thing!
Did you know you can cook a three course meal just with a couple of mugs and a microwave? You know, if you wanted to. From chocolate brownies to nutritious eggs mug cooking is your no fuss, speedy alternative to well, proper cooking. Also, VERY little washing up. Win. Win.

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