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If your child is planning to study abroad, you will probably have ONE or TWO (hundred) concerns. Providing parental support from thousands of miles away might not always be easy but, it is absolutely possible. In this connected age we are just that, connected. Your children are just a WhatsApp message, Skype call or email away at all times. But, that won’t stop you worrying about them, of course.

Doing some research and getting the answers to a few essential questions will help you feel more confident. Knowing you’ve done all you can to prepare them and, that they have everything set up to make the most of their student experience, safely, should reduce the number of grey hairs you get while they are away…!

What kind of Visa will they need and how do you apply for it?
What are the eligibility requirements? Are there any restrictions, can your child work, leave the country?…

Tuition Fees… how much are they and how/when do you need to pay them?
This may be blindingly obvious but it’s definitely not one that you want to slip your mind! Also, are there any scholarships available?

Student loans, application deadlines, types of degrees, grants….
There is a HUGE list of admin type things you’ll need to deal with when sending a child overseas to study. Not just applying for the course but understanding a different University structure and system of learning.

Where is the best student accommodation locally?
Many international students call The Hub home and for good reason. At The Hub we provide your child with the help and support they need PLUS the security and peace of mind you need, it really is a home from home here.

Healthcare, will you need to purchase an insurance policy, can they register with a Doctor?
While UK residents enjoys free healthcare courtesy of the public funded NHS, there is a yearly surcharge payable by international students. You will also be required to obtain health insurance from your country of residence. While we are talking about insurance it’s probably also a good idea to get some cover for their belongings too. For residents of the Hub this is one less thing to think about, contents insurance is conveniently included in your monthly payment.

How to open a UK bank account
Among all the documentation you would expect to be necessary – passport, visa etc… your son or daughter will also need to produce a letter from their university confirming their study details.

The above information is provided as a guide only and answers will differ dependant on your country of residence. Please do ensure you have the correct information for your particular circumstances before you send your children off for one of the greatest experiences of their lives… international study.

If you would like your son or daughter to become part of our vibrant international student community at The Hub please contact us 020 3770 9120 to arrange viewing.