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Becoming a student often means living on your own for the first time. And, by living on your own I mean without your parents, but crammed into a shared house with 10 other people (and their hangers on’ers) all living independently for the first time. Finding yourself reliant on, well, yourself, can be a bit of a steep learning curve.

Now, you might be thinking that for the next three year’s life is going to be one long Friend’s episode. Beautiful apartment, wonderful friends, sitting around drinking coffee and sharing amazing times. Oh, with a bit of study chucked in for good measure. And, actually for those students living at The Hub you’re not far off. Our apartments are beautiful little oases of calm and tranquillity while our communal areas are clean and our onsite staff are only too happy to help.

However, if you speak to anyone who’s ever lived in shared student accommodation their experiences can be VERY different! Shared student accommodation is more a recipe for a special kind of human soup… kitchens breeding new types of mould, pulsating piles of washing and dubious sludge in the bathroom.

Here are SIX things that every student living in shared student accommodation will experience at one time or another (probably)…

Shared bathrooms
This is proper filth. Dirt like you’ve never experienced in your life. And it’s not just that, it’s human dirt. SHUDDER. Someone else’s hair – from goodness knows where WHY IS THERE SO MUCH – clogging up the plug hole, you attempt to clean it and its ON YOUR HAND…. You’d bleach it if there was any. Every person in the place has either forgotten how to flush a toilet or actually just use one properly. There’s never any toilet roll and it really does smell like someone has died in there. But who is going to clean it. Certainly not you… Oh and don’t leave any nice toiletries in there you’ll discover your roomies will put a plague of locusts to shame.

No boundaries
Just because you share the same house does not mean you can walk into my room whenever you like. That extends to ‘borrowing’ clothes, books, chargers.

Disappearing food
Just because the fridge is communal doesn’t mean the food is too. Write your name on it, only use your shelf… whatever, it’s all academic if someone comes in from the SU and NEEDS noodles/cheese/eggs/stale bread. If it’s in there its fair game.

Washing up Jenga
A pile of mould encrusted plates and cups so precariously balanced that the slightest breath will send a greasy, slimy avalanche across the kitchen.

The great wall of Beer cans in your living room
No it’s not art, it’s not even funny. Just put them in the bin, if you can find one that’s not overflowing…

All. The. Time.

Living in shared accommodation is no walk in the park but, for the students that make their University home at The Hub… well, they get all the good bits of student living and none of the bad. Each of our self-contained apartments has a fitted kitchen and en-suite bathroom. That means the food in the fridge stays in the fridge until you want it. The hair in the plughole is your hair – slightly less gross to clean out, and when you want some peace and quiet, you can have it.

To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on 020 3770 9120 to arrange a viewing.