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Summer’s finally here! It’s the season that you can party all night long at some of the country’s biggest festivals. But before you get lost in the music, remember to think smartly and don’t fall victim to some of the common downfalls of being a festival goer! To help you have the best time, we’ve put together five top tips to help you survive this summer’s festivals.

1. Dress for every occasion
It’s hard to predict the British weather – it can literally change from one hour to the next. Come rain or shine, cold or hot temperatures and everything in between, be prepared and pack for every possibility. And don’t forget the classic festival trend – the bin bag poncho! Cheap, convenient and we must say, pretty hilarious – it’s a must for when the rain pours!

2. Befriend a tall person
There’s nothing worse than being at one of the hottest music festivals, and not being able to see your favourite artist perform because you can’t see over the crowds. So, having a tall person in your groups is 100% essential. They can scout out the good spots in the crowd to sneak into. And if they have broad shoulders, they can let you rest on them so you can get the best view in the house – one that’s way above everyone else!

3. Avoid a sleepless night
Ok, for some of you, sleep will be the last thing on your list at a festival. After all, festivals are all about dancing the night away! But for those of you who want to catch a wink or two, (so you’re ready to go again the next day), invest in earplugs. They will help block out the sounds of those still partying and give you a peaceful night sleep (hopefully)!

4. Go old school
It’s unlikely you’ll be needing to contact many people while you’re busy singing and dancing, but just in case you do, you’ll need a mobile phone with you. Do you remember the classic Nokia 3210? Indestructible, reliable and great for a game of snake! This is the type of phone you want to be bringing to a festival. The last thing you want is a smashed iPhone screen or one that won’t work because you dropped it in a puddle!

5. Quench your thirst
After all that singing, dancing and for some, drinking of alcohol, it’s important to take a break and have a drink (of water) to keep yourself hydrated! Especially on days when the sun has been shining and you’re more likely to become dehydrated. Once you’re refuelled and re-hydrated, you’ll be ready to keep going for a while longer!

If you’re in and around London this summer for any festivals, why not take some time to enjoy the city and stay with us at The Hub? We have summer accommodation available from 2nd July until 3rd September. Contact us for more information on +44(0)20 3770 9120 or at thehub@host-students.com.