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Japanese organisation consultant, Marie Kondo has taken the internet by storm following two best sellers and a Netflix series, encouraging lots of helpful rituals. It seems very unlikely that someone could ever inspire a passion for cleaning, but she has! Marie has over 10 years’ experience, so she seems pretty trustworthy, whilst her values are highly commendable.

If you have no idea who Marie Kondo is, you have lots of procrastination ahead of you. Marie takes a minimalist approach to the things we own, revolting against the unsustainable consumerist cycle the West have tumbled into. In her Netflix series, she visits families who haven’t managed to get on top of organising their stuff and often haven’t got enough space for the items they have collected. Marie graciously helps them whilst providing helpful tips which ultimately change their lives! It is a heart-warming and inspirational show.

Whilst our rooms are generous and comfortable, we could all do with some de cluttering to aid our relaxation and to spur productivity.

5 Tips to make your studio, Marie Kondo worthy:

  1. Go through every material possession and ask yourself Marie’s iconic catchphrase ‘does this spark joy’? If it does not spark joy, put it in a pile which you can donate to charity, there is a Trinity Hospice charity shop nearby which is a tremendous cause.
  2. Unlike many other lessons we’ve learnt in life, Marie Kondo does not stand by the coined phrase ‘little and often’; instead, she wants you to do it all at once so that you are not ‘tidying forever’. Once you begin, you will get into the hang of it and it will be much less daunting than you anticipated – I promise.
  3. Treat your items with respect. Especially in London, it is easy to get into a consumerist mindset and continually purchase unnecessary objects. Kondo believes that every item should be respected and treated as someone with a spirit or a life of its own. In turn, this should help you to value what you have and truly enjoy it rather than jumping at the next opportunity to replace it.
  4. Instead of tidying drawer by drawer, Marie suggest tidying in categories which she believes is more time efficient. She also suggests starting with clothes as they’re the least emotionally sentimental.
  5. Don’t get nostalgic. A spring clean can spring a familiar procrastination – reminiscence. Finding old toys or objects can bring up lots of emotions however if you indulge, you will be there a long, long time. Be cut throat: if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it!

Best of all, the benefits don’t just end with a tidy room. This method means you will rediscover items you will fall in love with again, it has been proven to improve your sleep and increase levels of serotonin, you could raise money for charity through your donation and by valuing what you have and buying less you will also be nurturing the environment which is being increasingly damaged by the fast fashion industry.

Furthermore, it presents the perfect opportunity to invite friends round so you can take pride in where you live and ultimately, show off.